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Soy Beefless

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Caramel Soy Meatless Strip - Beefless

Class: Bits, Pieces, Strips
Type: Beef
Color: Caramel


To replace our beef in recipes such as stews, steaks, and tacos.

The soybean crop is an important source of food production for humans.
For Asians soy products are simple everyday foods. In contrast to Westerners, are strange and sometimes difficult to accept it.
The high incidence of diseases caused by red meat, such as heart disease in some countries, or malnutrition in others, have been a reason to start thinking about nutritious foods of plant origin, such as soybeans.

Has twice the protein than animal meat, four times the eggs and twelve times the milk. All this makes one of the plants with more health benefits: Helps people with diabetes, lowers cholesterol, and relieves symptoms of menopause.
It contains 11 amino acids of the 21 naturally occurring vitamins A, E and F and also minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron.