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Soy Chickenless

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Natural Soy Meatless Strips - Chickenless

Class: Pieces, Strips
Type: Chicken
Color: Natural


With the textured soy you can do many dishes. Can be added to sauces, to vegetables, to stews, or use textured soy to make hamburgers and any recipe where you want to replace the chicken.

It is economical and easy to find (shops, supermarkets). As for preparation, it is simple; seasoned with basic elements that are in any kitchen.

Among the most common benefits are improvements in skin, hair and nails because they are high in vitamin E. It also helps to decrease body fat and increased production of estrogen in women.

Consuming soy meat, we are improving our health.

Soy is possibly the largest natural food with protein, vitamins and minerals. Providing this super vegetable an uncanny ability to nourish and prevent diseases.

The consumption of soy products has been linked to many health benefits and may protect against breast cancer and prostate cancer, it also reduces the symptoms of menopause, reduces the risk of heart diseases and osteoporosis. Many of these benefits come from soy isoflavones.